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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install the armor?

Plan for the technician to spend two to three hours per door on installation.

Will there be any added cost beyond your estimate?

If "Door Surgery" is required - to increase the space between the door jamb and the door itself because there's no space for the steel plates to be added - then there will be an additional charge to make the adjustment. This is necessary in only in 10% of installations and the technician will be able to tell you that it's needed as soon as he sees the door.

What if the door frame is already damaged?

If the damage was caused by a kick-in, the damage will be repaired at the same time the door is being reinforced. The cost for repair will be added to the cost for the door reinforcement and will depend on the extent of the damage.

Can the door reinforcement armor be painted? My doors are blue.

Yes. The steel parts have a backed-on, powder coated finish that can be lightly sanded, then painted with oil enamel. Only the door shield will require paint - the jamb shield is not visible when the door is closed.

Is there any door that can't be reinforced?

In our experience, it is very rare that a residential entry door can't be reinforced.

I have other things to be done around the house? Can you do more than reinforce doors?

The Entry Enforcer has a sister company called The Educated Craftsman, which handles handyman chores and custom cabinetry. Any of The Entry Enforcer technician will put you in touch with The Educated Craftsman.